Sisters Carly & Gemma

Who We Are

We’re a family run business, Sisters, Carly & Gemma (You’ll often see Mum around the salon, too!).

Firstly, there’s me, Carly (the older Sister); I joined the Beauty Industry in 2005 and opened my first salon with my sister back in 2015 - and despite what people say about working with family, we do really get on!

From my years in the industry, I've learnt that I am relied upon for my professional opinions and advice. This responsibility takes a lot of time and research - often with myself (Mum, Husband, Kids!) as Guinea pigs whilst exploring various treatment options.

For Gemma, being the younger Sister has had its advantages, as when we were younger, I would teach her what I was learning at college, so she was picking up the skills, knowledge and techniques from as early as 11 years old - when I taught her how to tint eyelashes (probably on our younger Brother!).

Our main areas of interest include laser hair removal and how this can help with hormonal issues (we both have PCOS, so we can relate!). Our other passion is Skin Science (complete skin geeks), how nutrition and well-being play a vital role in skin health and how we age, and the importance of skincare education for our clients.

There’s an overabundance of information and often conflicting advice online; this is why we only give advice that we have thoroughly researched, tested, and believe in.