Glycolic Facials Advice

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The following local contraindications will not always prevent treatment but your therapist will avoid the contraindicated area or modify treatment:

  • Heart condition/Pacemaker/Claustrophobia

  • Hyper Pigmentation/Telangiectasia (Broken Capillaries)

  • Inflamed or erupted skin

  • Moles (raised, irregular or hairy)

  • Keloid Scarring

  • Open lessions/Cuts

  • Abrasions or swellings

  • Rosacea

  • Low blood pressure

Please seek medical advice prior to booking a Glycolic Facial if you have any of the following. Medical permission in writing may need to be obtained:

  • Botox/Fillers - written consent from your botox/fillers specialist prior to treatment

  • Diabetes - doctor's note if not controlled (diet or insulin)

  • Hepatitis/HIV - Doctor's note to state suitable for treatment

  • High blood pressure - Doctor's note if not controlled by medication

  • Prescribed Acne medication

  • Skin Cancer/Cancer/Multiple Sclerosis - Doctor's note required

Please do not book for a Glycolic Facial or reschedule if you currently have any of the following:

  • Recent Hair Removal (waxing, threading, electrolosis or epilation)/ Bleaching / Exfoliation - you must leave 48 hours prior to or post treatment

  • Pregnancy/Breastfeeding/IPL

  • Recent facial surgery or scarring

  • Recent laser treatment, chemical peel or microdermabrasion - skin cannot be treated for 7 days before or after

  • Traumatised, sunburnt, bruised or broken skin

  • Warts/Herpes Simplex (coldsore)/Shingles/Skin or eye infection

  • Infectious skin diseases (Impetigo, Scabies, Chicken Pox or Mumps)

Pre-treatment Advice

  • We recommend that you start using the BeautyLab Glycolic Discovery Set, a couple of times a week, leading up to your first appointment and to maintain results inbetween sessions. You can purchase this on our online store here - for more information please email

  • If you have sensitive skin or are concerned with sensitivity, please book a free patch test appointment at least 24 hours prior to treatment.

  • Active Acne / Eczema / Psoriasis / Use of Retinol based products - A patch test is recommended at least 24 hours prior to treatment.

Aftercare Advice

Post Treatment, there is no requirement to treat your skin further until the next day.


You only use BeautyLab London homecare products recommended by your therapist during your course of treatments and for post treatment maintenance.

Drink plenty of water (1.5 – 2 litres a day), as it improves skin hydration and aids the removal of toxins.

You wear an SPF during the day to protect your skin. After using any Glycolic homecare products, always use the BeautyLab London Ultra Defence Hydrator SPF 50 during the day.


Immediately After Your Treatment:

Drinking any caffeine or alcohol as they dehydrate the skin.
Touching your skin as you may transfer bacteria.

24 Hours Post Treatment:

Applying perfume or perfumed products to the treated area.

Exposing the treated area to extreme heat including Saunas, Steam Rooms or Jacuzzis.
Exercise and swimming should also be avoided.

Applying makeup in order to maximise the benefits, if you wish to apply makeup, 100% pure mineral makeup would be the best option.

48 Hours Post Treatment:

Hair removal (waxing, threading, electrolysis or epilation) or bleaching on the treated area.

Direct sun exposure.

Applying self-tan.

72 Hours Post Treatment:

Applying exfoliator or Glycowash 5%



In the unlikely event of skin peeling or if any dryness occurs after treatment; please take a picture to show your therapist before your next appointment, as they may need to make some adjustments to your next treatment.

BeautyLab London treatments draw impurities out of the skin, so you may experience a breakout as the skin is decongesting. This is considered normal; however, please speak with your therapist if you have any specific concerns or questions. Do not peel flaky skin or squeeze any spots that may appear. Consult your therapist if you experience any irritation or discomfort after having your treatment.

A course of 6 treatments is recommended for optimum results. To maintain results, we recommend using BeautyLab London homecare products and having a monthly maintenancce treatment.

Please note: This aftercare information should be used as a general guide. The list is not exhaustive and BeautyLab London recommends that clients should consult their doctor or a skincare specialist if they have any concerns reguarding any of the specified aftercare, post treatment.