Dear Clients,

Our priority has always been to bring an unparalleled safe experience for our guests with the highest standards of hygiene and sanitation, and our resolve is stronger now than ever before. Our team has been busy working together, considering every step of the treatment process to ensure we meet your needs in a focused and safe manner according to government guidelines.

Here are some tangible ways we have increased our efforts to guarantee guest and employee safety:

• We will no longer shake hands or hug, but we will welcome you with a smile
• Please do not arrive early, but of course not too late. Preferable just before the appointment starts, are waiting area has now reopened but this could change depending on government guidelines.
• Windows are regularly opened for ventilation. Please bring a small blanket or cardigan etc. if you tend to feel the cold
• Please come alone to your appointment where possible
• Although optional for clients, your therapist will continue to wear a mask during your treatment if it is in close contact.
• Please follow government guidelines on the use of face coverings for yourself
• Please use contactless payment if possible

To keep our guests and employees safe, we ask all guests to:

• Refrain from visiting the salon if you or a household member have a fever, COVID-19 symptoms or a communicable illness. Please contact us in advance prior to your appointment regarding to that matter
• Refrain from visiting the salon if you are under an isolation or quarantine order / directive
• Respect the salon’s sanitation and hygiene standards and processes posted within the salon and shared by employees
• Wash hands prior to beginning each treatment / service
• Share special sanitation or hygiene requests prior to arriving at the salon

Please note:

• We have the right to refuse to provide treatment to clients showing Covid-19 symptoms or a communicable illness• If you feel unwell ahead of your appointment, please contact us to reschedule your booking 24 hours in advance
• All clients will be asked to fill in a short consultation form with Covid-19 questions included prior to appointment and this will be sent via email. Please ensure we have your up to date email address when booking or let us know if you do not have access to email.
• Please try to touch as few door handles, table surfaces and chairs as possible with your hands
• We encourage clients to book appointments online as much as possible here. In the meantime please email or call on 01273 958181
• Our phone line is open but we may not always have any reception cover. Please leave a message and someone will get back to you in between appointments.

Patch Testing

For insurance compliance it is always important to patch test in line with manufacturer guidelines and whenever there have been any changes to a clients medical history:

- Having a COVID-19 Vaccine is classed as a medical change

- If you've had COVID-19 this is classed as a medical change

- The use of home tints could contribute to increased sensitivity to PPD

Please note: After someone has had a vaccine the NHS have advised that they could have side effects for around a week. To ensure that any side effects aren't confused with a patch test reaction, please allow 2 weeks after a vaccination to book a patch test.

Treatments requiring a patch test

Laser - before first treatment, per area or if you have had a change in medical history.

Lash Lift & Tint treatments - 48 hours prior to first treatment and if longer than 6 months since last treatment or change in medical history.

Glycolic - only required if you have very sensitive skin

Eyelash Extensions - only required if you have very sensitive eyes.

Spray Tanning - 48 hours prior to first treatment and if longer than 6 months since last treatment or change in medical history.