Semi-Permanent Makeup

Wake up with flawless eyebrows or perfectly pink flushed lips

Enhance your natural beauty and save more time in the mornings with semi-permanent makeup! Wake up with flawless eyebrows or perfectly pink flushed lips - lasting up to 2 years, it’s a great way to save you the hassle of penciling your brows in daily. 

Our commitment to providing the highest-quality beauty treatments and safest results is second to none. At Beauty Therapy Brighton we only use approved ingredients and tools to ensure that our clients’ treatments are as safe and effective as possible.

We understand that clients are wary of semi-permanent makeup solutions but our advanced tools and ingredients ensurethe perfect balance of long-lasting and natural looking results, without the need for invasive procedures.

We're constantly recommending Semi-Permanent Makeup as the perfect way to enhance your natural beauty, as well as to provide an instant and long-lasting solution for covering certain body factors.

Micro-blading - before and afterMicro-blading - before and afterOmbré shading - before and afterLip blush - before and after

In the photos above:

Micro-blading hair strokes Machine brows (Ombré/powder brows) Combination brows Lip blush (semi-permanent lipstick)

Semi-permanent makeup is available at Beauty Therapy Brighton every Tuesday and Wednesday with Lux Brow Lounge by EmilySuitable for any age (over 18).

Our clients come to us from Woodingdean, Peacehaven, Ovingdean, Rottingdean, Kemptown, Saltdean, Brighton & Lewes. So, book your Semi-permanent makeup consultation with us so we can patch test you and then create your personalised treatment plan.

Please note that a patch test is required at least 48 hours prior to any semi-permanent make-up treatment.