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Beauty Despite Cancer

Indulgent Massage • Balanced, Body & Mind Massage • Glowing Facial

Whether you are looking for a soothing massage, refreshing facial or a blissful hand treatment, we have teamed up with Jennifer Young from Beauty Despite Cancer to give you some of the most rejuvenating and dreamy treatments without the worry of harmful chemicals.

Indulgent Massage

A bespoke massage, carefully adapted by a specialist therapist to suit your individual needs and requirements. Let the power of touch bring harmony and well-being. You will be left feeling deeply relaxed. The experience is extended to include the scalp ensuring that your massage is pure indulgence.

(30 or 60 mins)

Balanced, Body & Mind Massage

An indulgent massage, with the enhancement of holistic wellness at its core, placing emphasis on your emotional wellbeing. Your therapist will identify which chakras you would like to balance during this soothing full-body massage, with the use of crystals to restore harmony and wellbeing.

(60 mins)

Glowing Facial

A blissfully relaxing facial beautifully adapted and designed to bring harmony to even the most sensitive skin. Specialist techniques are used to restore, lift and improve the flow of energy and nutrients to the face and scalp. Soothing massage, gentle acupressure, energetic crystals and therapeutic natural products combine to make this a powerful anti-aging experience.

(60 mins)

Check out Jennifer Young products that can be used at home and are a perfect gift for anyone living with and beyond cancer.

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*Jennifer Young & Beauty Despite Cancer is the recognised expert in specialist skincare for those living with and beyond cancer.

Defiant beauty is 100% natural with organic plant ingredients (phytoestrogen free).