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Benefits of Eucalyptus in your shower

They look nice, they smell wonderful, but did you know they may provide certain health benefits too? Not only will they add colour and spa-feels to your bathroom, you'll be getting the benefits of inhaling the essential oils. These oils are released by the steam in your shower and here are just some benefits;

Eucalyptus shower bundle hang in shower

Relief from sinus headaches and stuffy noses

We are heading full steam into cold and flu season. Bedside tables full of vapour chest rubs, tissue stuck up noses! A steamy shower works wonders to relieve congestion and by inhaling steam infused with eucalyptus oil, you'll be breathing easy thanks to its anti-inflammatory and mucous thinning effects.

Reduced Stress & Brain Fog

When inhaled, eucalyptol is shown to decrease anxiety (healthline).
Studies have found that eucalyptus oil has been found to improve brain function, increase cognitive function and having a mentally relaxing effect.

Be ready to take on the day with a morning energy boost

Who doesn't need a big boost of energy in mornings? The natural essential oils released by your steamy eucalyptus AM shower will help dilate your airways, improving oxygenated blood flow, making you more alert and ready to climb a mountain, run a marathon...get kids to school.

eucalyptus benefits morning energy boost climb a mountain
Eucalyptus in a vase benefits in bathroom

How to make an at home spa with a Eucalyptus shower bundle

  1. Get yourself a fresh bunch of eucalyptus, either purchased on our store or pick your own! If purchased, it should come with string already tied around the bunch. Trim off any dead ends, if needed.

  2. Use a ribbon or string to securely fasten the bundle to your shower or a hanging hook.

  3. Make sure the eucalyptus is not directly in the water stream, just let the steam from your shower activate and release the oil into the air.

  4. Place in cool water overnight to rehydrate eucalyptus (optional)

  5. Replace every 3-4 weeks or when you no longer smell eucalyptus

*Do not use if pregnant. Can be toxic to animals. People with asthma, seizures, liver disease, kidney disease, or low blood pressure should not use eucalyptus without first talking to their doctors.

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