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Hay fever Causing Lash Havoc?

It’s a pretty miserable time for hay fever sufferers out there. Many of us are suffering from puffy eyes and endless sneezing with some people claiming the symptoms are the worst they’ve ever experienced. Do we have Super Pollen now? And will this affect our eyelash extensions?

Is Hay fever really worse this year?

We have been hearing a lot of the so-called "Super Pollen" and "Pollen bombs" being referred to lately and many of us are asking why hay fever is so bad this year? Turns out, the warm spring we had along with above-average rainfall for the UK, is to blame for our relentless hay fever torture. With the Met Office describing the pollen as being "particularly potent" this year, will our lash extensions survive allergy season?

Hay fever sneezing watery eyes

What does this mean for your eyelash extensions?

Watery, itchy, and swollen eyes are some of the most common symptoms for hay fever sufferers and rubbing your eyes can cause havoc for lash extension wearers. While most people will be okay to carry on wearing their extensions throughout hay fever season, usually with minimal side effects such as premature fallout, there are some instances where it’s advised that you have your lashes removed.

I also wouldn’t recommend having a new set of lash extensions if you have sensitivity around your eyes due to fever symptoms. Hay fever weakens the immune system, potentially making you more sensitive to products, including lash adhesive.

Lash & Iid foaming cleanser

Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse

You should already be cleansing your lashes; however, thorough cleansing during allergy season can also help to soothe and alleviate hay fever symptoms -this is true for non-extension wearers too!

I always recommend the Nouveau Lash & Lid Foaming Cleanser for my clients as it contains Biolin; this is a powerful, prebiotic active which helps to prevent itching, redness, and other irritations. This, along with a cleansing brush with multi-length bristles, allows for a deep clean between the lashes.

When to remove lash extensions

If you already have lash extensions and are experiencing pain or discomfort caused by hay fever symptoms, you should book a professional removal as soon as possible. You might want to try applying a cold compress to your eye area to soothe them and avoid touching or rubbing your eyes, as this will cause further irritation. Always seek medical advice if your eyes continue to be sensitive.

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