Spray Tanning

Get Your New Sun-Kissed Glow with a Spray Tan

Achieve your instant sun-kissed glow and get the tan you want without the potential risks of traditional sunbathing. With spray tanning, you can achieve an even and natural looking tan while avoiding any damage to your skin from harmful UV rays. At Beauty Therapy Brighton, our expert therapists provide a safe, professional spray tanning service that is guaranteed to give you stunning results!

We offer a range of shades and brands to choose from, allowing you to pick out a perfect colour for your desired effect. Plus, we’ll help guide you every step of the way - from start to finish - to ensure you are achieving optimal results.

To ensure maximum comfort, our professionals will take all the necessary steps to make sure your skin is clear and ready for application before they begin. Once ready, it only takes minutes for our special formula to create a beautiful, long lasting tan.

An instant sun-kissed glow that develops into a long lasting sunless tan. Quick and easy spray tan that is required to be left on for between 6-8 hours and lasts up to 7 days.

Full Body Spray Tan

This ultra fast spray tan is ready to wash off in 60 minutes for a natural golden tan, two hours for a bronzed tan and after three hours, it will become a deep tan.

We have a range of brands and colours available that your our therapists will discuss with you at your appointment. Please email info@beautytherapybrighton.com for further information.

A patch test 48 hours prior to your first spray tan treatment is still required.

Guinness World Record

We took part in a World Record attempt for the most people being spray tanned simultaneously in one location!

spray tan tents set up at professional beautySpray tan world record at professional beautycamera crew at professional beautyhaving fun during world record attempthundreds of therapists and spray tan tents